West Coast Swing Routine class with choreography by WCS Champion Kara Frenzel

Routine Class on Facebook:

Routine Class is back!!! First Class Jan 16th is FREEEEE! Come check out class and decide if it is for you before enrolling in the series!

What is routine class? 
We work for several weeks to learn a sequence of West Coast Swing (WCS) choreography and then (hopefully) perform it!

Benefits of Routine Class
Great way to learn basic variations/ swing fundamentals
Learn new and more advanced WCS Patterns
Learn more styling to add and embellish your WCS
Built in musicality to help you learn music
Learn and reinforce technique
Lots of drilling and reinforcing by doing the same choreo
Work on your performance ability
NO partner required! We rotate for the first several weeks!
We have way to much FUN in class… (Just ask!)

Performance in Atascadero’s Dancing With Our Stars
DWOS is happening this March and I am choreographing the opening number! The opening number will be THIS choreography! You can participate in a show for some great charities! (Performances are not required, but I hope you want to! We are usually short leads and I want to have a great number for the show.)

The theme for our show is 80’s and this routine will be to the rock song “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News. You may remember it from Back to the Future!

You need to know: push, passes, whip, tuck turn, and a roll! That’s it!
If you have your first couple of basics, my PROMISE is I can get you the rest of the way there.

Don’t have those basics yet?
Take a private lesson with Kara Frenzel
Enroll in a beginner WCS class at SLO Dance
Come check out Tuesdays at SLO Motion West Coast Swing
and join us for our next routine in April!

Commitment/ Contract
$90 for the course (cash/check to SLO Dance)
Sign up at the start, no Refunds, No Drop In’s
No enrollments after Jan 23
I understand we are all adults and we might miss a week but we need your participation for all of the weeks. Missing two or more weeks, especially in a row, will compromise your ability to learn the routine in the time allotted and slow others down.
If you miss a week or need extra help, discounted private lessons with Kara ($75/ hr) may be booked by appointment.
You are responsible for your own 80’s themed costumes.

Date for Classes and Performances:
Classes at SLO Dance on
Wed Jan 16
Wed Jan 23
Wed Jan 30
Wed Feb 6
Wed Feb 13
Wed Feb 20
Wed Feb 27
Wed Mar 6
Wed Mar 13
Practice with other members of DWOS in Atascadero
Mon Mar 18
DWOS Tech and Dress Rehearsal (for those performing) Atascadero
Mon Mar 18
Tues Mar 19
Wed March 20 (mandatory dress rehearsal)
Thurs Mar 21 5pm-
Fri Mar 22 5pm-
Saturday March 23 5pm-
Possible performance dates
AT SLO Motion Tue Mar 26
At SLO Dance TBD Sat

Atascadero’s Dancing with Our Stars Tickets

Speaking of Dancing With Our Stars, tickets have gone on sale to the public! Tickets will sell out quickly and are $85.  They went on sale at 7am this morning and Saturday is pretty much sold out already.  
  https://www.friendsoftheatascaderolibrary.org/2019-tickets or go to eventbrite and search for it!