Pay as you go with drop-in rate

Drop-in rate of $15 per class

Discount Dance Cards

For the dedicated dancer, a Discount Dance Card rewards your desire for learning. Available to use on any regular Wednesday/Thursday dance class. Buy the punch card up front,  then use it on any class (or a mixture of different classes) of your choosing.

$85 for the 7-class card and $220 for the 20 class card, expiration of six months from the date of purchase.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available: Call or text Linda Drake at (805) 541-5678 for details and prices.

Paying for a Series Class

Paying for a particular class upfront affords an even greater savings than the discount cards. Because of this steep discount, there are no make-up classes and no refunds. There are various ways to pay for a series class. Series prices fluctuate based on length of class, see current schedule for more info.

Recap of ways to pay:

(1) You can pay for the whole series up front ($70 for a 7-week series; $60 for a 6-week series; $50 for a 5-week series; $40 for a 4-week series); (2) you could use your dance card to pay as you go (~$12 – $11 per class, depending on your card); (3) pay as you go with drop-in ($15 per class).

College/high school students

Full-time college or high school students under the age of 24 special rates as follows (see above for specific description):

student drop-in rate: $10,  7-class card: $45, 20-class card: $110, series 50% off regular cost