The Dances

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With fewer than 20 people, our group classes are ideal for personal attention and to ask any questions you may have. All beginning classes teach basic social dance skills that are applicable for a variety of dance styles.

Latin Dances


For those who want the challenge of a faster Latin dance, this class teaches Salsa with an occasional Cha Cha or Merengue basic. You will also learn how to make the Salsa into a great Nightclub dance that you can do to all kinds of music! This class is good to take in addition to the Dance Dynamics or Ballroom I classes, which concentrate on lead and follow skills.

Demo video

*Cha Cha*

The Cha Cha is a Latin dance, second most popular to the Salsa. However, it is a very popular Ballroom dance and a great Nightclub dance. The music is slower than Salsa, but the footwork is more intricate. I’d recommend trying Salsa first. Then, if the music seems too fast, go to Cha Cha.

Ballroom & Social Dances

*West Coast Swing*

The slower, sophisticated style of West Coast Swing can be danced to all kinds of music from Big Band, Top 40, country Western and Blues. It is an extremely versatile dance but will take time to learn.

Demo video

We recommend that you take all three Level 1 classes (A, B, & C)–in whatever order you want–before you move on to Level 2 classes.

Old School Play That Funky Music
Sex Bomb
Shake Your Groove Thing
Country Western Shut Up and Kiss Me
Black Velvet
Let\’s Talk About Me
Pop Get This Party Started
Just Got Paid

*East Coast Swing*

This is the most common and easiest of all the Swing dances. Not just danced to Big Band music, this dance can be danced to contemporary, blues and Country music and is still one of the most popular of the Ballroom dances.

*Nightclub 2-Step*

A smooth flowing slow dance that became a hit in the 70\’s and continues to be extremly popular rhythm to this day. It can be danced to a variety of music, including Top 40 and Country Western music. It’s the most popular dance for those romantic ballads. The only dance for those songs 60-80 beats per minute.

Typical songs: Lady in Red, You Send Me, Fallin\’, Breathe

Demo video


There are several different styles of tango: American, International and Argentine. Linda combined her training to give us a class with the style of Argentine along with the more structured American style. If you\’d like to see this great dance in action, rent Tango and the Tango Lesson.


A very romantic slow dance. I\’m going to be teaching a grouping that will be appropriate for a small nightclub floor. This is the dance for all the slow songs that Salson plays.

Example song: Maria of My Soul


Descriptions will soon be up for these other dances that we teach.

* Foxtrot–Demo video
* Waltz
* Hustle
* Dance Dynamics
* West Coast Swing Syncopations