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Current Dance Schedule

New session starting January 17th & 18th, 2018

5:30pm Social Dance Mix I w/Teana- a sampler of the most popular dances you will use socially.
5:30pm Foxtrot/Waltz III w/Linda- must know triple twinkle..we’ll hold another class in triple twinkles when I have enough interest..text me
6:30pm West Coast Swing II w/Linda – Catch & Release. Learn many options to go in and out of closed dance position with style.
6:30pm Waltz I+ w/Teana- so what does + mean? We will teach the basic and some moves that are not commonly taught in the first level. In order to teach new moves to previous level I students, but also fine for first time dancers.
7:30pm West Coast Swing I w/Linda- It’s recommended to take Level I a minimum of three times before adding level II
7:30pm West Coast Swing III w/Kara-Learn current moves that are used on the social and competitive floor
8:30pm West Coast Swing Routine w/Kara- New Routine. here’s your chance to try it out
5:30pm East Coast Swing I w/Linda- You can take this series several times before adding Level II
5:30pm Argentine Tango I w/Todd- notice we have two levels now! So this hour will be for people new to Argentine.
6:30pm East Coast Swing II w/Linda- I will teach some moves that will be new for level III people as well. If we need to go back to 3 levels we will after this series. Minimum of 6 months of East Coast Swing is recommended
6:30pm Argentine Tango II w/Todd
7:30pm Country 2-step w/Linda- I’ll be teaching the basic then quickly go in to more intricate moves. It’s a lot of fun but have to give it some time!
7:30pm Salsa I w/Teana- learn the basics and different beginning variations.

520 Dana Street in San Luis Obispo (IOOF Hall)

7-week series (no make up dates) $70
7 Class card (for one person) $85
20 Class card (for one or two persons) $220 
Single class: $15
Full time Students under age 24: Half off series or Cards
Check or cash, sorry no credit cards

As most of you know, here at SLODance we have three different ways you can pay for classes. Pay for an individual class at a time that we call drop-in, the punch cards either 7 class or 20 class cards and the last option is a series price. This is where you pay upfront for the entire series at a price break, however there are no make-up classes.

Friday, February 23rd – Westie Dance
Saturday, February 24th – Cambria’s Western Dance
Saturday, March 3rd – Red Carpet Dance
March 9-11 – High Desert Dance Classic
March 22-24 – Atascadero Dancing with Our Stars

Easter Weekend Events:
San Diego Dance Festival
Seattle Swing
Friday, April 6th – Westie Dance
City of Angels


Linda’s CONTACT info:
(805)-748-7405  (texting is best)